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Diabetics who practice tight control using multiple dose therepy can do it better with a  logger/alarm and reminder APP

Main Entry Screen

Simply enter the amount
of insulin using the extra
large keys and push the
type insulin button and you are done.

Diabetic Medication Manager Home

Active Insulin Display Useful to predict Insulin action in future based on past insulin action.

                                Insulin + History
Example of Pop Up Screen Alert

One of the available
alerts is the Pop Up,
 shown below.

Pop Up Alert Sample

Sample DMM PopUp Alert Video Event

(Click pictures for full size image)

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Who is DMM designed for?

This is a helper application for anyone who uses multiple dose therapy to maintain tight control over their blood sugar levels. The DMM is of special value to athletes who have diabetes. The author is a 40 year type 1.

DMM Android Alert and Logging App

Our Diabetic Medication Manager (DMM) is an Insulin and Glucose logging app plus reminder and timer with  multiple alarms.

How To Use:
You enter the quantity and type of medication taken in as little as 3 keystrokes, and the DMM calculates the “onset” and "peak" times and provides an “alert” that signals the next time a test should be taken.  The diabetic also has the ability to set a manual timer in the DMM.  The DMM maintains an emailable log of all the entries for review or statistical analysis.

Why do I need it?

Using multiple alerts/alarms/timers frees the user  to focus on normal activity,  not just their diabetes. It can be a foundation for better management and less disruption of normal activities.

Diabetic Applications, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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